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From Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Monica is a great Spanish teacher! The classes are specifically tailored to my needs and topics that I suggest. She clearly loves teaching, sharing the Spanish language and seeing her students’ progress. She turns learning into a pleasure.

Simon McKay Project Manager-Outsourcing Monitoring Manager

From Tripoli (Lebanon)

Monica is flexible, motivating, extremely gracious and professional. Bottom line, if you want to learn Spanish, she is the best.

Roula Naboulsi Assistant University Professor

From Glasgow (Scotland)

As the head of studies of a language academy myself, I am delighted to have found such a fantastic coach to teach me Spanish. All my expectations for a private language tutor have been exceeded. I feel lucky to have found her and highly recommend her.

Susie Shields Head of Studies Language Academy

From San Francisco (United States)

Excellent Experience. Monica is without a doubt the best language teacher I have ever had. She is always very well prepared for her lessons, and manages to strike a great mix of grammar and conversation. My Skype lessons with her are always a pleasure I look forward to.

Carlo Brayda President and CEO Global Agency

From Uppsala (Sweden)

Thanks to Monica I have been able not only to keep my Spanish competence alive, but also to improve my knowledge. I hang up happy and reinvigorated after our lessons. Thank you, Monica.

Ingrid Wetterqvist Ambassador and Diplomat

From London (Great Britain)

Mònica is simply the Best! She has fully understood my objectives and has tailored our classes accordingly. She is really everything she stated in her profile. There has been without question a marked improvement in my conversational Spanish and significant increase in my ``language confidence``. I am glad to have found her.

Joy Aboim UCS Technology Consultant

From Berlin (Germany)

Excellent teacher! I am taking weekly classes in Catalan with Monica. Her teaching style is to draw you into conversations and before you realize you can speak and understand a new language. I never felt as productive when learning a new language. Having a good teacher makes a big difference!

Henning Peters Entrepreneur

From Brasilia (Brazil)

Monica has made me enjoy learning Catalan. I most appreciate her really positive energy, patience and method. It was different of all I have tried in language courses. I take In-Company classes, and the Catalan classes changed the energy of my Mondays.

Milena Lins Country Manager

From Dublin (Ireland)

I cannot say enough good things about Mònica! The classes are very intense – constant concentration is required but I learn so much in each lesson – and Mònica is very motivating and supportive throughout. I would highly recommend her.

Kate O'Reilly Actuary

From Milan (Italy)

Monica was just born for teaching! She uses some very efficient techniques and she is so great at adapting to anyone's level. Great teacher. Totally recommended if you ask me!

Davide Caldaronello Customer Loyalty Consultant

From London (Great Britain)

Monica has been my Spanish language coach for three months now. She has filled me with confidence, not only in my language skills but also in how I approach each new objective in my life. I cannot praise Monica more. Highly recommended.

Saranna Sari Professional English Teacher

From Boston (United States)

Monica is, in a word, INCREDIBLE! Not only is she super nice but she is also an amazing teacher. She customizes each class so that you get to learn what YOU want to learn each time. I can't wait to continue working with her in the future!

Mary Kate Bell Virtual Student Federal Service Intern

From Yeovil (Great Britain)

Monica is very patient but at the same time very encouraging. Our classes are well structured and she is constantly challenging me. I didn’t realise that learning could be so much fun.

Emma Page Bank Associate

From St. Louis (United States)

I would like to recommend Monica as a person and a language teacher with the highest reference possible. She combines good cheer, warmth, amazing listening skills, and good questions to facilitate an outstanding exchange of ideas in the context of a rich language learning experience. I look forward to every lesson.

John McGowan University Professor

From Shiraz (Iran)

Mònica is a knowledgeable and professional Spanish trainer. In her sessions times fly and after a pleasant hour or two, you notice you've learned a long and precious list of vocabulary and practical grammar points. I have recommend her to my friends and all are satisfied with her. Thanks Mònica!

Aida Pooladian Business Intelligence and Data Analyst

From Oporto (Portugal)

Monica is simply the best teacher I ever had. She has a passion to teach. A class with her is a real moment of relax, when you forget that you are learning, and just enjoy a pure moment of mindfulness.

Cláudia Magro Head Of Operations

From Bear (United States)

Mònica surpassed all my expectations! I can't recommend her enough! If you have a chance to learn from her, don't let the opportunity slip past you.

Lawrence Bone Wine Importer and Distributor

From Botkyrka (Sweden)

Mònica is a dedicated tutor that turns learning into a pleasure. Apart from being a great teacher, what I appreciate a lot about Mònica is her enthusiasm and creativity. I can only urge you to try it out. You won't regret it.

Sanna Findahl Urban Planner